Shade Sail – Installation & Care

Installing Your Shade Sail

Selecting Fixing Accessories:

There is an extensive range of fixing accessories available to help you secure your shade sails. These accessories are readily available from your normal hardware supplier.

installation hardware


Connect fixing accessories to mounting points as required. Ensure all connections face towards the middle of the sail and are tightly secured. Check again to ensure all mounting points are solid.

Lay your shade sail out and commence the installation.


Using the selected fixing accessories, commence connecting the corners of the shade sail to the fixing points.

Correct Tension

Correct Tension

Incorrect Tension

Incorrect Tension

Properly mounted and tensioned shade sail will have approximately 100 pounds of tension on it and will have little to no wrinkles. Connect all points, using rope or wire cable if necessary, to gain increased leverage. The rope can be threaded around a number of times so that it works as a “pulley” mechanism.

Another tensioning method would be to use a turnbuckle which can aid in applying the proper amount of tension. Stop tensioning when the shade sail is rigid with little or no creases. CAUTION: Do not over tension. Tension only by hand and only tight enough to get the wrinkles out of the shade cloth. Re-tension periodically if required.


Your shade sail is designed to provide UV protection and comfort in domestic areas. When selecting the position for your shade sail, ensure all fixing points are structurally sound and fixings are tightly secured. Inspect regularly. Prior to installing, consult your local council regarding building regulations which may apply in your area. Exposure to certain chemicals e.g., Chlorine can lead to the premature breakdown of the fabric. Chemicals to be used on or around the fabric should be referred to prior to their use.

Do not have fire or an open flame close to the fabric. Do not use your barbecue under the shade structure.

Caring for Your Shade Sail


The nice thing about shade sails is that they are very easy to care for.

• Take it down in winter if you get snow.
• Take it down if winds are predicted to exceed 100km (80 miles)/hour.
• Inspect the shade sail regularly to ensure that the tension is correct.
• The fabric will not fade, shrink, rot or mildew. To clean it use a solution of mild detergent and water. Apply the solution with a sponge or a very soft brush. Let the solution stand on the fabric for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water from your garden hose.
• DO NOT put the fabric in your washing machine, clothes drier, or scrub it with a stiff brush, scouring pad, or an abrasive cleaner.
• Be sure the shade sail is dry before storing it for the winter.
• Store your shade sail in a location were little critters (squirrels, mice, etc.) cannot get at it – they seem to eat anything.